Before we answer, are you cheese-obsessed or a cheese pro?

For the Cheese-Obsessed
Hello cheese lover! For you a cheese class begins with a warm welcome at our enchanting Mission District space we share with Stable Cafe. You’ll meet your instructor and mix with some of your fellow students before finding your seats in our classroom. Then your expert and charming instructor will guide you through a tasting of artisan cheeses. You’ll learn about the history and uses of the cheeses and how to properly taste them. All tastings are accompanied by thoughtful pairings.*

We also offer classes in cheesemaking, cooking-with-cheese, open houses, and the occasional cheesemaker dinner. Keep your eyes on our schedule or subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when exciting things come up.

For the Cheese Pro
Welcome cheese master! For you we have classes that will broaden your cheese horizons as well as help you when you are ready to launch your own venture in cheese. We currently offer a three-day intensive cheesemonger program three times each year. Click here to learn more.  And in Januray, we offer continuing education in the form of our Master Classes. Each class is led by a master of the cheese universe. Stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter to get updates about future programs and trainings.


* Unless specified otherwise, all enthusiast classes include a tasting of 7-9 cheeses and include bread, fresh and dried fruit, various preserves, and wine or beer. In a cheese-beverage pairing class (Cheese & Wine or Cheese & Beer for example) we serve four half-glasses during class. In a non-pairing cheese class (Cheeses of France, Cheeses of Italy) two full glasses will be served.